PT. Paiton Operation and Maintenance Indonesia (POMI), operates and maintains the plant on behalf of PT Paiton Energy. PT. Paiton Energy owns the 2 x 615MW and 1 x 800MW coal-fired generating plant, Units 3, 7 & 8, at Paiton, Probolinggo.

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Dear All, PT. Paiton Operation & Maintenance Indonesia POMI presents the E-Procurement Application, with hope Increased transparency in the registration process and tender submission, Improve the accuracy of data and reducing the possibility of human error in the tender process and Simplify the tender process through the use of user-friendly applications. Accessible anytime from anywhere using your computer. Therefore, as a first...

: 10 Oct 2019 11:34:08

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1. E-procurement Application Electronic procurement, also known as e-procurement, is the business-to-business (B2B) requisitioning, ordering and purchasing of goods and services over the internet. An enterprise chief procurement officer (CPO) or procurement department usually sets the policies governing procurement of materials within an organization, with the goal of acquiring a product or service of the greatest value at the best possible price at...

: 10 Oct 2019 09:56:57

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PT Paiton Operation And Maintenance Indonesia

Purchasing Departement

Jl. Surabaya Situbondo Km 141, Paiton, Probolinggo - East Java

Phone : +62 335 771967 (ext.1047) , Fax : +62 335 771965
Mail : eproc@pomi.co.id


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